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I love to draw, but I don’t often make the time to draw just for pleasure. Nearly all my drawing is done with the intention of turning it into a card or print for my shop. But when I saw that the Henley School of Art was offering the chance to rent some of their life drawing sessions I couldn’t resist the opportunity.

I have been a distant admirer of the Henley School of Art for a while, following them on Facebook and Instagram @henleyschoolofart When we went into our first lock down, many art schools faced tough times ahead, with no face to face classes or time in the studio. Thankfully the Henley School of Art came up with a  clever way of getting their classes online, and available to anyone and everyone with an interest in life drawing and furthering their artistic education. 

They offer live sessions where you can join a group on zoom to follow along together, or if those times don’t suit you can pick through their growing number of reply videos. 

All the animal video reruns can be found here: 

You’ll find marine life, parrots, penguins, buffalo, polar bears, Clydesdale horses plus many more. The sessions are broken up into movement and still, giving you loads of opportunity to fill your sketchbooks!

I have completed 2 sessions now, and have thoroughly enjoyed both, the two hours fly by, and I am so immersed in drawing and painting, that even my glass of wine goes untouched! As you can see from the photos some of my efforts are considerably better than others, and some are relegated to the bin, but that is all part of the fun. I really hope to loosen up my drawing style and the movement sessions are a great way to practise this. I use pencil to first sketch with, then I use black fine liners, Windsor and Newton watercolours and Windsor and Newton Promarker Brush pens to add colour. I use watercolour paper rather than a sketchbook but you could use any paper, the back of an amazon box and a biro will work just as well!  

Penguin watercolour life drawing, Rose and Fawn

Gentoo Penguin Chick, Life Drawing, Rose and Fawn             Gentoo Penguin Line Drawing, Rose and Fawn

Here are links to my paints and pens:

My next session is going to be a human life drawing, also available from Henley School of Art. It’s a long time since I’ve sat in the studio as an art student for a life drawing class, but I have very fond memories of them and look forward to another 2 hour of drawing fun.

Gentoo Penguin Chick, Life Drawing, Rose and Fawn    Emperor Penguin Life Drawing    Seal Watercolour Painting, Rose and Fawn

Seal Watercolour Life Drawing Blog, Rose and Fawn    Turtle Pencil Drawing, Life Drawing Blog, Rose and Fawn    Whale Shark Watercolour, Rose and Fawn

Sting Ray Painting, Life Drawing Blog, Rose and Fawn

Turtle Life Drawing, Rose and Fawn